Mini Ballers: Ages 3-6: 


This is the first stage of our player pathway where we look to introduce each child to the beautiful game through our fundamental movement games, basic technical skills and drills and finally small sided games. Our aim is to make the session as fun as possible.


We have 2 venues for our Youngest Groups:


Scarborough - Monday 5.30pm - 6.30pm @ Scarborough Sports Village


Whitby Leisure Centre - Friday Evening 5.30pm - 6.30pm



Development Centres: 


Our Development Centre looks to continue the work from our Baby Ballers group. As with all our sessions we will look to develop and improve each child technically but with the aim to build confidence and self esteem within our practises and drills. we focus on the key technical aspects including ball mastery, passing, receiving, dribbling, running with the ball, shooting and small sided games. Like our youngest group we aim to make this session as fun as we can but with the emphasis on learning and developing. 


We run 3 venues:


Scarborough - Thursday - Pindar Leisure Centre - 5.30pm - 7pm 

Driffield Rugby Club - Monday 6pm - 7pm 

Whitby Leisure Centre - Friday 6.30pm - 7.30pm


Pre Academy: Ages 5-8


Our Pre Academy is by invite only and is linked with Leeds United Academy. This session focuses more on leanring and developing through carefully planned drills which you would expect to see at an Academy Level. Our Pre Academy is ran by either Uefa qualified coaches or coaches who have played at a Professional level. `We focus on the development of ball mastery but look to impriove decision making when in possession. 


Elite: Ages 8-12


This is the highest group which we have on offer and again is by inivite only and is linked with Leeds United Academy. Our session is split into 2 aspects, technical and tactical, we start to introduce the group to tactical situations within the game to advance there learning. Our sessions are led my either Uefa or Ex professional coaches. Our sessions are planned over a block of 6 weeks allowing the players to focus completely on one particual aspect of the game. We look to challenge the groups by playing fixtures against other ogranisations similar to our selves, Development Centres and Leeds United academy. 




Futsal: School Years 3 - 6


Futsal is a five a side game normally played on a hard surface using a size four football with reduced bounce. This exciting fast paced game is played across the world and is officially recognised by UEFA and FIFA. The main aim is to help develop players technically in small sided games. 


Our futsal session is based @ Scarborough 6th form college every Tuesday Night from 5.30 - 6.30pm starting Tuesday 6th November, we can only offer 24 places to this session. The session costs £5.





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